Logistics is defined as the handling an operation that involves providing labour and materials be supplied as needed. It refers to movement of inbound raw materials and other supplies as well as outbound physical distribution. Therefore activities that deals various aspects like procurement, movement, maintenance, and disposition of supplies, equipment, facilities and personnel and the provision of services is known as logistics.

Hence logistics is both a science and an art of managing and controlling the things for production. It is a very crucial part of marketing and management. The success of management depends on logistical support to a great extent. It comprises of various processes like information, transportation, inventory, warehousing, material handling and packaging. It is an ancient concept that can be traced back to the Greek and the Romans military and its need to supply itself with the required goods. It became a business concept only in the 1950’s.

As explained above, goods and materials move by Air/Sea and Land across the world as part of requirement on the part of the importer/user, and the activity begins by picking up the required materials right from the Supplier’s Factory/Godown , completion of all formalities related to Export of these goods, loading into the Transport vehicles and transporting to the Airport/Seaport as the case may be, storage of these goods before and loading the same into the carrier Flight or Vessel . Once the goods reach the destination clearance of these goods from the Carriers by complying with all the Import formalities and again loading the same into Transportation Vehicles, storage of goods if necessary before delivering to the Importer/Buyer of goods, transportation of goods to Buyer’s godown and unloading of the same, including stacking of materials as required by the client.

Basically logistics Industry is a Service Industry involving the chain of IT, compliance of Import/Export procedures, Transportation, storage, warehousing, materials handling, packing and forwarding, a proper blend and combination of all these above will maximize the profits.