Customs rule for Import shipments

1. Qatar Customs will only accept official invoices, official Certificate of Origin (COO) & packing lists; these are now mandatory. Shipment without these documents will not be cleared under any circumstances and shall be returned back to origin.

2. It is now mandatory to write the HS CODE of the Commodity in the official invoices and COO; otherwise Shipment will not be accepted for clearance.

3. “COUNTRY OF ORIGIN” OR “MADE IN” fields are mandatory for each piece, on materials, and on cartons.

4. The “COUNTRY OF ORIGIN” OR “MADE IN MARK’ details on the shipment should match the information on the Official Invoice, COO, and on the materials.(Any discrepancies will cause the shipment to be returned to the origin.)

5. For Goods originating from Europe: Please mention clearly on the COO the country of origin. Example: “Country of Origin: European Community – UK. If the Products are made in 2 different countries, the Country of Origin should be both countries in the COO, Invoice, and on the materials. Example: European Community – UK & POLAND.

6. Importer should have valid license to import particular material and should be shown as their activities in their Trade license.